About Us

The Beginning

Started in 1987 by Don and Debbie Muirhead, Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd. began by providing non-destructive testing specifically within the snow resort industry. Born out of the founder’s passion for the joy of skiing, Inter-Mtn. Testing has consistently gone above and beyond to provide the safest and most accurate NDT testing services available. Our technicians strive to always be current and well-versed in changing industry trends.

We believe that everyone should safely enjoy the outdoors and that cost-effective and reliable NDT services make this possible, which is why Inter-Mtn. Testing continues to be a proven supplier of non-destructive testing services to the snow resort industry.

Don and Debbie also started another company that provides signs and specialty products specifically designed to withstand the harsh winter climates of our great country. Check out our sister company at www.inter-mtn.com.

The Present

By consistently applying a proven formula for cost-effective travel and accurate, reliable, quality inspection services, Inter-Mtn. Testing faced a growing demand for its specialized services. Today we are still the leader in providing reliable, knowledgeable NDT inspection services to the snow resort and amusement park industries. Our knowledge of wire rope inspection services has also helped us provide detailed inspections to mines, bridges and marine sectors. Through innovative solutions to provide testing for cranes, fire departments and municipalities, we have become valuable suppliers of specialty non-destructive testing throughout BC and Alberta.

Inter-Mtn. Testing serves hundreds of customers throughout the year, each with their own unique requirements and each with the same goal: safety, for both their customers and employees. We also strive to ensure we provide cost and timing efficiency, as well as accuracy through inspection, reporting, records and administration. We believe it is important to look after our customers. Our team will manage and maintain your records, year after year, keeping you certified, safe and ready from one test to the next. You can count on us.

The Future

As a family business, Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd. will continue its solid set of values and core competencies with succession to the next generation. Always on the road, we continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment, education and technology to ensure we have the right tools to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Our commitment is to continue providing the experience, understanding and knowledge required to service and exceed our customers’ expectations for the next 30 years and beyond.