Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd. serves hundreds of customers throughout the year, each with their own unique requirements and each with the same goals – safety, for both their customers and employees, cost and timing efficiency, and accuracy through inspection, reporting, records and administration.

We take a systematic approach to our scheduling and planning for projects and annual maintenance. This system allows for:

  • Fully mobile services, anywhere in Canada.
  • The inclusion of other projects on the same travel schedule, reducing travel costs.
  • Lowering overall expenses by grouping customers in multiple industries together regionally and extending work trips inclusively.
  • The development of effectively engineered procedures to reduce on-site planning and labour costs.
Inter-Mtn. Testing has provided the experience, understanding and knowledge required to service and exceed our customers expectations for more than 30 years. Always on the road, we continually invest in equipment and technology to ensure we have the right tools to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Our team will manage and maintain your records, year after year, keeping you certified, safe and ready for your next project.